Programmics is an Indian company delivering digital software services to users. We assist and support people who want to change their path-from traditional to digital transformation. As digital transformation has been showing up a huge leap and thus, we deliver the latest services to meet up the upcoming trends. we digitally work on your problems to deliver the newest software applications at your ease by using the affordable timeline and provide quality assurance services. Our software product development assures you to deliver the well-suited customization product that will give you the best quality services that help you to thrive in your business.



Programmics is Established in 2018 and we have pioneered many changes from customized software and application development to Augmented reality. We are the first Indian company of Raipur that is provided our services at a minimal cost. Our products are the result of accepting the transformation change, from industrial to information change. Therefore, we are here to provide you all the latest applications and software. We have built a strong and entrusted team that are contributed us to showcase our services to the end-user to deliver high-quality and advanced products. we have developed an entrusted relation with our customers by understanding their business needs and providing them the high-quality end products.


What we do?

We ensure to deliver diligent customer service through a deep-set commitment mechanism to our clients. We have a customer-centric dedication model defines how we are well-engaged with our clients, offering specializing services and solutions that meet the distinct need of our valued clients. Our domain expertise helps our clients to get quality products and services. We have made significant investments in digital products and application software, Vertical, and horizontal digital products. We help you to build and create a responsive and mobile-friendly website that will stand out on search engines organically. We help you to improve your website visibility and how to optimize SEO strategy.


How we work with our clients?

We aim to deliver the services that meet the market demands and our clients will experience transparent and affordable digital services. We work together across the country to create a differential change. We offer valued products and distinct core services so that our clients will explore all the things on a single platform. Our digital services help the clients to explore all the relevant products that are well-suited for their business to grow and expand. Programmics is a well-known brand in the customer’s projection because we understand the customer’s point of view and provide services that are more customer-oriented rather than product-oriented.



-Programmics launched a Re-skill program during the Covid-19 pandemic, thus we can enhance our workforce skills and provide them with a better future.

– Under the Skill India Initiative, we have provided training to college students. To help them to cope with upcoming trends.


Our Management

Our CEO and Founder Mr. Pintu Kaushal has the vision to deliver Elite and innovative services to our clients at affordable prices. He has also become the Part of Skill India Initiative promoted by our prime minister. His mission is to provide digital software training to the upcoming generation for the betterment of their future. He believes that “India will move forward if the upcoming generation is technically astounding. “Therefore, he is helping students by educating them to stand out in this digital oriented transformation.