Programmics launched in 2018 with the ongoing demand for software products and solutions. As we had been providing our high-end quality services and products to our clients since March 2019. After that, due to the pandemic, we had seen a sudden decrease in volume as there was uncertainty all around. We called an urgent meeting to overcome the challenges that are coming Infront of us. We understood the fact that people are settling themselves as it was a devastating time for them. This has never happened before. So definitely people were trying to accept the situation that is hammering them from everywhere. After that, we had seen that people are losing their jobs. That was a tough time for them. And it affects the market conditions as well. Because customer’s spending capacity had been decreasing as they are left with limited earning options. People were not thinking to upgrade themselves as that was the time of survival. Now the permanence and longevity became the foremost priority. We were in an extensive dilemma how can we sustain in the market during this difficult time? Because we acknowledged the truth that this is the time of survival. And to stay during this tough time is the fundamental need of the market.


What Programmics did

Programmics is a well-built and strenuous software techno-friendly company. Therefore we  sustained well  during the pandemic because of the following reasons that are mentioned below-

– As we were highly dependent on system-built policies rather than on any human capital. During this pandemic, we had seen the companies who were not automated, not able to sustain themselves. As we are a technology-oriented company. So, it was not that much difficult for us to brawl for survival.

-We had created a strong and efficient Skilled team to work on the problems that people are facing during the pandemic. And provided them with the solutions. We maintained the loyalty of our existing customers by providing them the services that are most required during the pandemic. We understood the problems and started working on them. So that we could meet the expectations of our customers.

–  Our Strong and reliable backend systems helped us to confront the issues that are creating confusion among the people. During that time, everything had changed. Old problems couldn’t exist now. New ones had emerged and need to be resolved. That’s why our powerful backend systems helped us to thrive during the pandemic.

– Consistent and efficient customer services were the key ingredients that help us to strive during the tough time. We didn’t need to rely on a human interface as we had structured methodology and techniques to resolve the problems of the customers and to deliver consistent and speedy services without any delay.

-We maintained our goodwill as we were already working on the things that were the trending services that were needed during the pandemic. We always believe to work on the things that are going to create a revolutionary change in people’s life. We were able to handle the situations efficiently as we were one of the leading companies in Web Development, Digital Marketing, Customized software and app development, and Augmented reality.

-Our Marketing strategy helped us to preserve the oppression and constraint the hardship that became the backbone of the pandemic. We came out from the bad break successfully and conclusively.