Agro-based products ltd was looking for a complete solution to their intuitive problem in the agriculture industry. Programmics supported them and designed a fully automated system for them using a client-centric approach. Programmics prepared a roadmap for Agro-based products ltd and created a system according to their needs and requirements. Programmics Specialized problem-solving mechanism completed their project before the pre-decided timeline. Agro-based products ltd was contented and satisfied by the services provided by Programmics. Hence, Programmics resolved the problems that were faced by Agro-based products ltd by providing them progressive approach based application software.


Predictive analysis is the keystone in the agriculture sector. Agro-based products ltd were unable to predict the right time for the above issues
1. The Highly efficient decision of sowing the crops.
The right timing for sowing the crops is a primary aspect of the agriculture industry. With the increasing population of India, the cultivation of crop consumption has increased to a large extent. It has diminished the soil quality. Hence, it has become an essential aspect for the company to predict the right time for sowing the crops. Agro-based products ltd unable to predict the perfect timing for implanting the crops. Hence, experiencing losses in their company.
2. Precise decision time for crop yielding.
Another factor that the company was unable to get it right. The inadequate knowledge and human interference didn’t allow them to get high-quality results. Harvesting of crops is also a necessary and crucial factor.
3. Addition of fertilizer used in crops.
Although, fertilizers are essential for nourishing the soil, enhance plant growth, and increase yields. But there should a balance. You must know the exact amount of usage of fertilizer. Low quantity usage of fertilizers destroyed their crops. Low quantity fertilizer didn’t allow them to protect the crops from weeds. If they used the high-quantity of pesticides, it affects the soil quality and productivity. Indirectly, the environmental conditions would become adverse. At the same time, they did not get the qualitative outcomes. The predicament in getting the desired results was a torment situation for them. They were casting around for an automated system that could solve their problem by providing precise results.


The Programmics team understood their core problem rightly as the issues were affected the quality of their crops at a rapid rate. Therefore, the Programmics team created a premium advanced software solution for them that helped them justify the issues that were hammering them. Programmics, Raipur had built the Crop monitoring software that determines the quality of crops and precision time. Therefore, it became easy for them to determine the exact crop conditions. They also managed the usage of the right quantity of fertilizers for their crops. Hence, their crops were grown precisely. They had started covering the losses. The Programmics software module resolved the core problem that they were facing at that time. Programmics, Raipur supported them to solve the issue that was affecting the quality of their crops. Programmics handled their core problem effectively because Programmics didn’t need to rely on a human interface. We had structured methodologies and techniques to resolve their issues related to the agriculture industry and delivered speedy services without delay.