Is it Essential to building a Mobile application for your business?

3.2 billion smartphone active users across the globe indicates that the Mobile Application industry is accelerating at breakneck speed. Mobile application utility has leaped, smartphone penetration is thriving at a rapid rate. Programmics, Raipur has predicated, the Mobile application industry will become the largest market due to the extensive usage of mobile phones.

Statistics indicate that the mobile application is going to invade the market at macroscale in the coming future.

  • Mobile Applications will be estimated to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023 due to 3.2 active billion smartphone users.
  • There are 1.96 million applications available for users at the Apple application store.
  • On average, 21% of millennials open their applications 50+ times a day. It shows the upcoming demand for mobile applications.
  • 2.87 million apps are available at google play store for the users to download.
  • On average Mobile phone owners use 10 applications per day and 30 applications in a month. It indicates that having a mobile application is vital for business.
  • People spend 88% of mobile time on applications.

 Mobile application services provided by Programmics, Raipur are efficient and economical. Programmics acknowledge the statistics and upstanding demand for mobile applications in the information age. For that reason, the Programmics team has revised all the software technologies in Mobile applications and thereby providing the best solutions to the clients. Programmics, Raipur embraced the market scenarios, and the mobile application will become the most powerful tool to connect with your prospective client for your business growth. Programmics, Raipur has advanced Softwares and technologies for a Mobile Application that is best suited for your business.

Why you have a Mobile application for your Business?

There are enormous reasons for having a Mobile Application for a successful business. Some of the essential key points are listed below-

1. Create a direct merchandising medium for your business

Having a Mobile application helps to achieve a breakthrough in your business by increasing the number of leads. Programmics, Raipur will help you to connect with your potential customers directly. The mobile application has numerous advantages. The benefit of having a Mobile Application is that you can attract your customers by offering them attractive offers like Festive sales and promotions, Special bonanza offers, etc. It will help you to generate good leads. You can remind your audience about the products and services you offer whenever it makes sense for them through Push notifications. You must have a Mobile Application for business to develop a direct marketing medium to reach your customers. Programmics, Raipur is a leading brand that helps to create a Mobile application for business growth.

2. Competitive business dominance

You might be thinking that I do not need a Mobile Application for my business. My business works in a traditional format. Of course! You might be thinking correctly. Even Programmics, Raipur also have experienced that their customers’ feedback was the same. Programmics takes their clients a step ahead of the competition. Programmics have done their extensive research and came to the point. If you want pivotal growth for your business, Mobile Application will be the best strategic marketing tool. Even in the past, grocery supermarkets felt the same thing that they have a traditional business format. But due to the evolution of the Information Era, Mobile Application service has become the necessity of their business.

3. Great inception to get valued Analytics.

Mobile Application will provide detailed analytics for your successful business. Programmics, Raipur will help you to analyze the relevant information that is beneficial for your business. Mobile Application that has been created by Programmics, Raipur will help you to collect the relevant information of customer’s including Customer geolocation, demographic data, User navigation paths for your business. Programmics also help you learn about the other statistics like which of your products are likely to buy most, how much time your customers stay on your application, which of your products get the dislikes etc.

4. Thrive business growth sales

People are spending most of their time on mobile phones. Mobile phones are the best medium to connect with your customers. You get a direct chance to stay in touch with your customers through a business Mobile Application. Programmics, Raipur has researched the market scenarios and observed if you have a fully developed Mobile Application. You can easily attract your target audience. For customers who have already installed your Mobile Application, you can send them to push notifications by providing them special bonanza offers. In this way, you can encourage your customers to purchase from your Mobile Application. Your company can also target potential customers by sending them extra-special discounts that are in the close vicinity of your reach. The Programmics Software Expert team has created all the technical features for Mobile Applications to target your prospective customers.

5. Improvise customer Engagement and reach.

Mobile Application is an efficient way to engage your potential customers. It will give your customers the power to reach you. In any way, your customer wants to stay in touch with you. No matter what,  if you have a small or big business. In this digital revolution, People are more aware and outsmart. They want to purchase their utility things on their ease by sitting at home. You can easily engage your customers by providing them the products they want. Mobile Applications will help to increase your customer engagement. Programmics, Raipur has a specialized team of Experts for Mobile Application development help users to escalate their reach and target the specified audiences.

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