The Education system is the most important driving force for Emerging Social and Economic growth. The Programmics team had an intuitive vision to helped the Education sector in any way. Eventually, Programmics, Raipur got the opportunity to provide their assistance in Education Industry. Woman’s Technical and Science Engineering college had been facing the problem regarding the record of attendance of the College faculties. The unethical attendance record of each department. When went to the Human Resource department, they were in a dilemma on how to calculate the salaries of the staff based on that data. These fallacious activities happened because of the human-based involvement system. The Human Resource Staff was misled by the attendance records. The Programmics team had designed an effective customized software system that not only calculates the attendance of the faculties along with that their arrival and departure spell.


Education Sector is the most reliable industry across the globe. To provide a solution to Education Industry is a great privilege for Programmics. One of the Engineering colleges had been persisting problems in their education attendance record system. Programmics was approached by Woman’s Technical and Science Engineering college. They were searching for a result-oriented solution that will help them to resolve the issue and needs no human involvement. They wanted a well-modulated attendance system for their engineering college. The Programmics team communicated with them and understood their issues. They had experienced a lot of loop-holes in their education system. Human resource management of Engineering college had faced problems in calculating the attendance of the college staff. Each department was recording the attendance manually. Sometimes, the department staff forgot to note down the attendance. Sometimes the attendance record paper was misplaced. The Negligence of the attendance record from each department had created a lot of confusion. Faculties were not getting proper assistance from the college because the engineering college had a human interference attendance system. The Human Resource department did not get an efficient solution due to the lack of precise and incorrect information. There was a plethora of confusion among the Human Resource department as the information they were getting misleading the whole college system. Finally, the HR department of the engineering college complaint to the higher authority. They told all the loop-hole of the department going on in the college. The upper management of the college decided to obsolete the manual system and implement the new automated system.


Programmics, Raipur had designed an effective customized software system that not only calculates the attendance of the faculties along with that their arrival and departure spell. Faculties came at their own time and not following the attendance record system. They were doing fallacious activities because of the human-based involvement system. The Programmics team had resolved the college management problem by developing simplified and upstanding customized software that will be able to record the attendance accurately. The system that Programmics technical department had designed gave them outstanding results as it becomes non-viable for the faculties to manipulate the automated system that didn’t require any more human interference. Hence, the Programmics team have well established their footprints in the education industry and produced outstanding results.