Conveyor transportation ltd had faced a lot of problems during the road journey of trucks. The company was not able to contact truck drivers due to the unavailability of mobile networks. The truck drivers took advantage of this condition. Hence, Conveyor transportation ltd suffered a heavy loss. Programmics, Raipur integrated an automated system that can help to track the location of their transport vehicles. In this way, they have saved a lot of time and money.


Conveyor transportation ltd was worried about the wrong happenings going on in their company. The issues that were faced by them needed an advanced system. That can save their money involved in malicious activities. They had observed truck drivers took undue advantage of not having any stong-built system. Therefore, Conveyor transportation ltd came to Programmics. The problems that were faced by them during the road journey are as follows-
1.They were not able to find the location of transport vehicle during road journey due to the unavailability of mobile networks. Thus, it had created chaos in their mind if their loaded vehicle is safe or not? Because they had faced a lot of such incidents in the past.
2.Most of the times, truck drivers misused the situation by locating them the wrong destination. Drivers took undue advantages and mismanaged the money involved in their business by showing irrelevant expenses during their road expedition. They were concerned about how they managed their business and stopped their earned money in malicious activities.


The Programmics team discussed the issue and concluded that Conveyor Transportation Pvt Ltd needed a fully automated system. That can solve their problem permanently. Primary, the Programmics team had designed a framework based on their current issues. Programmics had started working on the framework and developed a viable software model. That helped them to determine the transport vehicle location in a moment. And to restrict the fraudulent activities done by the drivers during the road journey. After implementing the system, the driver of the vehicle unable to misled the situation. The truck driver had to specify all the things to the transport company. It includes the vehicle location, why is the transport vehicle standing for long on the road?. Also, the expenses that spend during the journey. Thus, Drivers started them It providing the right information. Programmics, Raipur reliable backend systems helped Conveyor transport to solve their problems and issues. It had created a lot of chaos in their minds. They didn’t need to rely on human interference anymore. Programmics had structured methodology and techniques to resolve their problems. Our Marketing strategy helped them to preserve the oppression and constraint the hardship that they were facing at that time. Thus, they were well satisfied with the Programmics services. And Programmics services allowed them to save a lot of time and money. That was spending for no reason. Programmics had handled the situation efficiently as we are one of the leading companies in Web Development, Digital Marketing, Customized software development, Application development, and Augmented reality. Programmics expertise in software technology had shown how efficient the proven-systems we have. for this reason, Programmics is the best and emerging brand in Raipur.