Programmics achieved great success in the fashion industry by delivering effluent services to Indian Ethnic Stores. Programmics has set up its footprints in the fashion industry by developing an exceptional mobile application for Indian Ethnic stores customers. A mobile application that was created by Programmics was outstanding and easy to access.


Indian ethnic stores had a lot of loyal customers before the pandemic. They had a large number of sales and their business is thriving at a reasonable rate. They had a perfect reach and successfully run their business before the pandemic. There was a lot of uncertainty during the pandemic. Ethnic wear understood the fact that people are settling themselves as it was a devastating time for them. This has never happened before. Definitely, people were trying to accept the situation that is hammering them from everywhere. That was a tough time for them. And it affects the market conditions as well. Because customer’s spending capacity had been decreasing as they are left with limited earning options. Due to the uncertainty, People were in fear to come out of their homes. Therefore, their loyal customers were unable to purchase their preferred trending clothing. It became extremely difficult for the store to send photos to their clients on time and accomplish the desired outcomes. They were in an extensive dilemma about how can they sustain in the market during this difficult time? At the same time, they were experiencing a lot of dissatisfaction with their customers.


Programmics had designed an exclusive Mobile Application for Indian Ethnic Store that could resolve their problem also provide lots of handy options available to the users. Hence, their customers would encounter an outstanding service Experience. Programmics understood the issues of Indian Ethnic stores and provided them the statistics Of Mobile Application Development. So that they will propel better decisions. Statistics that were given by Programmics were-

  • Mobile Applications will be estimated to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023 due to 3.2 active billion smartphone users.
  • There are 1.96 million applications available for users at the Apple application store.
  • On average, 21% of millennials open their applications 50+ times a day. It shows the upcoming demand for mobile applications.
  • 87 million apps are available at google play store for the users to download.
  • On average Mobile phone owners use 10 applications per day and 30 applications in a month. It indicates that having a mobile application is vital for business.
  • People spend 88% of mobile time on applications.

Indian Ethnic Stores got the clarity by the Mobile Application Statistics provided by Programmics. They agreed and appreciate the result-oriented solutions given by Programmics. Programmics had created a strong and efficient Skilled team to work on the problems that Indian Ethnic stores customers were facing during the pandemic. Programmics provided them with better solutions. Programmics helped Indian Ethnic stores to maintained the loyalty of their existing customers by providing them the services that are most important and required during the pandemic. Programmics understood the problem and started developing a mobile application for their users. In order, Programmics could meet the expectations of Indian Ethnic stores customers. Hence, Programmics achieved a big win in the fashion industry by delivering effluent services to their end-users.