Programmics have created a well-known brand in the telecom industry by showing its credibility to develop advanced Customized software that is user-friendly software. Interweb Customized software had faced problems regarding data security. There was a leakage of some data in the system. They were not able to identify the malicious loophole in the system. It became difficult for them to provide their customers a loyal and reliable service. As they were providing in the past. They were looking for a firm solution for this sensitive issue. Programmics Customized software helped Interweb Pvt Ltd to protect and secure the data as it had designed according to the company requirements and needs.


A telecom Company approached Programmics for relevant solutions as they were in big problems and wanted to find out the perfect solution for the company. Interweb telecom Pvt ltd was worried about how they are going to protect their customer’s data. They had experienced some leakage of data that was not acceptable in the telecom industry. Customers’ safety is the biggest issue for them as they were getting continuous complaints regarding data safety. Being a reliable company that couldn’t be acceptable for them to experiencing such complaints. It was needed to resolve on an urgent basis. Thus they were looking for solutions and contacted Programmics regarding data securities issues. The Programmics development team had started working on developing Customized software that can resolve the company’s needs and requirements. Tailor-made software designed by Programmics provided outstanding results-oriented solutions. Programmics, therefore, solved the problem of data breaching effectively.


Programmics, Raipur was well aware that this is a sensitive issue. Therefore, it needs to be solved quickly. The team Programmics immediately started working on creating a highly protected customized software module for the company in a scalable timeframe to deliver the project. To help the Interweb company to get rid of data breaching. Programmics developed Customized software solutions for Interweb Pvt Ltd. Because Interweb Customized Software was building the software as per their user requisite needs and demands. The team Programmics divided themselves into three departments to complete the project with a specified time and accuracy. One of the department was involved in analyzing and designing the data. The second one was involved in the implementation process. The third department was involved in testing the systems. Therefore, Programmics developed a Customized and well-built effective System for the interweb Telecom Pvt Ltd. The Programmics department had used fully Advanced and Customized software to resolve the issue of data breaching. The Programmics Expert team had designed a 3-step protection model to ensure a goof-proof security mechanism. Therefore, it became next to impossible to hack the system. If an employee of Interweb Telecom Pvt Ltd wanted to access their data system, each one of them had to go through a 3-step viable security system. It gave the company a whole analysis of the employee who is accessing their data system. Thus, Programmics had worked smartly to deliver the fully Advanced customized software to the company. Programmics Proved its credential services by creating a fully- developed module. The Programmics development team built a fully Advanced and Customized software that could perfectly and precisely resolve the problem and provided them with a quick solution.